October 22

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I don’t have much because I’m all about the boring.


~~ I finished one sleeve on the sweater that I’m making and began to work on the other.   I’m beyond excited to almost be finished with this sweater.   This is my first sweater and to be almost finished with it is wonderful, but also the front, back and other sleeve is attached, and it is so heavy that it keeps sliding down into my lap and I have to keep dragging it back up to my hands.   If all my problems were so simple.


~~I bought candy for Trick or Treat.   Generally when I purchase candy for myself it is in the small bags and I have a coupon.   $2 at most, but have ya seen the prices for Halloween candy?   Big signs that proclaim $13.88 for 120 pieces.  Like that is some fabulous price or something.   Maybe I’ll just hand out tricks this year.


~~Superman brought home Cowboys and Aliens for us to watch.    Why in the WORLD would Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig, two fabulous actors, consent to play in such an awful movie.   Stupid movie…not worth my time.


~~The girl bought and fried a whole pound of bacon for breakfast last week.   Let me just say bacon for breakfast is wonderful.

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