October 15

Hey there Internets!

Monday has rolled around…yet again.  So that means I’m going to be random.

~~ I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Monday.  Very disconcerting.

~~ I spent a wonderful 3 days with some friends from Florida.  I found out that if you rarely go out in the sun, then you can keep your skin as smooth and porcelain like as a baby’s.  Even at the age of 13.   I wonder if I stay out of the sun from now on, if I could get porcelain skin???

~~ I now want to purchase a 40 ft. RV and travel the country.

~~ Corn chips for supper gives you heartburn.   I combat this with ice cream.    It is a great combo.

~~My daughter got me a fabulous bracelet for my birthday.   It is silver with diamonds.  Diamonds they truly are a girls best friend.  Speaking of the girl, she got her hair cut like Mary Margaret on Once Upon a Time, and now she looks very similar to her mama.

~~Seriously Dish!?!?!  You dropped AMC.   Now I won’t get to watch The Walking Dead.  huffff…..  But I’m not bitter.

~~ I asked Superman for an iPad.   I think I’m getting one for Christmas….maybe….

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