October 8


Random Monday


~ It is 56º in the house so I am breaking down and turning on the heat.   Anyone that knows me, knows that this is a big deal.


~ The girl gave me a cold for my birthday.   A cold is not a gift worth giving.


~ I finally bound off the collar on Superman’s sweater Christmas gift.  Now to do sleeves and sew up.   I’m beyond excited.


~ The lawn  was mowed yesterday.   The first time in about 2 months that that has happened.


~ I have friends coming to visit all the way from Florida this week.   Hence the grass being mowed.   I’d rather not look like a hillbilly for my friends.  I’m afraid that I don’t have enough seating for the friends…hmmmm….I guess people will have to sit on the floor.   There goes the not looking like a hillbilly.


~ I’m getting ready to watch The Walking Dead season 2 on Netflix.   I have become addicted.


~ CBS has finally allowed Dish to take them back.   Unfortunately there are season premieres that I have been unable to watch.  Thanks a bunch CBS.


~ Finally I need some new flavors for my Sentsy.   Mochadoodle is worn out.





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4 thoughts on “October 8”

  1. Who is coming to visit you ? Sorry You got a cold. I got one from my little darlings at school. Glad to hear you got so much accomplished.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to comment and say that I have for years come back to your blog. I can’t remember how I first came upon it. But I used to work an office job as a receptionist, back when I FIRST discovered Pioneer Woman (ha) and your blog was Always in my list of blogs to check. I feel all nostalgic coming back even now that I no longer work and stay home with my two year old. Just wanted to say that I enjoy it.. 🙂

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