October 1


Random Monday.


~~I finally get to put flannel sheets on my bed.   I’m kinda crazy about summer/winter sheet rotation.   Winter sheets do not make an appearance till October even if it is a blizzard outside.   Summer sheets don’t make an appearance till May even if it is hellish outside.    Same thing with AC/Heat.   I don’t turn on my heat till November…unless I just. can’t. stand. it. anymore.   Which will me getting aged and all, it might be sooner rather than later.   AC doen’t come on till June, unless I. just. can’t. stand. all the sweat anymore.


~~I’m gonna rearrange my living room just slightly…sometime this week…maybe.   The girl isn’t feeling her best, and the book shelf that I’m moving from the basement is a behemoth, so it all depends on her.   I’m kinda afraid that the both of us won’t be able to move it, but I’m a determined kinda gal.


~~ Superman worked 96 hours last week.   That’s why he is my Superman!


~~ Walmart won’t let me stack my coupons anymore.   I’m much displeased about that.   Now I have to rethink how I’m going to coupon, and I just don’t want to think.


~~I’m more than halfway through making Superman’s Christmas sweater.   I would be further along had I not goobered a huge section and had to fix it.


~~ I’m happy that fall tv programing is finally back.   CBS dropped Dish, so I’m not getting most of my shows.   That’s okay though.   I’ve showed them.   I’m watching them on their web site…all except Person of Interest.   I can’t find it anywhere, and believe me…I have looked.  So maybe CBS showed me.   Dish!  Hurry up and get it straightened out!


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  1. Did you rip back that sweater because of one tiny problem with the cable? My goodness. A Christmas Sweater! Amazing!

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