September 30


Nailed it or Failed it?


Well, when your recipe starts out with one pound of butter….how can it fail?


My knees are shot. As in standing/walking is a constant pain.


Life is pain Highness and if someone tells you different they are selling you something. ~ The Princess Bride


That being the case, I have the girl help me whenever she is willing and is home.




Let me show you how willing.




As you can see she is very enthusiastic!




Someone might have suggested the hand mixer instead of big Bertha.




And creaming a whole pound of butter with 2½ c. of sugar isn’t easy with a hand mixer.




Oh…sweetie, get out big Bertha!

Yes, I suggested it a little to late.

I melted the caramels.  Hellllooooo!  there was a spoon to lick afterwards.




This went above and beyond my expectations.

I totally NAILED IT!!!

okay, okay, the girl totally nailed it.



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