September 29

Hello Internet.

Today is the day that my twits and I are posting our monthly Nailed it or Failed it post.

Ya’ll might want to check them out because I haven’t even begun mine… yet.


Well, at first I didn’t have all the ingredients.  So I charged the girl with getting some for me as she works at The Stuffmart.

She forgot my card.

So the next day I got them myself.

Then life happened.

In the form of 4 episodes of Once Upon a Time that the girl INSISTED we watch.

Then it was payday, and all the shopping, and gas getting and putting away.

I had planned on doing it yesterday evening but again the girl INSISTED that we watch Man On the Ledge.

After that was over, I bit the bullet and started fixing a huge goober I did on Superman’s sweater.   I screwed up the moss stitch major.   At first I thought that I could fix it one stitch at a time, but no, I had to unravel 8 stitches across and down 10 rows.   I couldn’t even begin to think about Salted Caramel Butter Bars.   My brain was mush.

So, the plan is today after the girl gets home from The Stuffmart.  I INSIST.
Here is what my twits did. They were good. I was not.

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