September 14


In May of this year, the girl BEGGED me to allow her to get a cat.

Who can hardly say no to a kitten as cute as this.

So, she became a part of our family.

She is the sweetest little thing.

She lets us hold her like a baby, and you can actually rock her to sleep.






I know we all have seen it.

Cat’s shred tp.

Not kitten



toilet paper


No, she takes it with her.


out into the hall


Down the disgusting brown painted hallway, around the basket of dirty clothes.


down the stairs


Down the stairs.


her nest

(please forgive all the blurry.  I didn’t take this photo)

To make a fluffy nest to sleep on.

Not one square had a hole in it.

So I did what any other tightwad cheep frugal woman would do.   I wound it all back on the roll.


grown up


She is bigger now, and yesterday was THE day. The nip and tuck day.


For some time I thought that she was deaf.


She doesn’t come to “here kitty, kitty, kitty” even if I had treats and she didn’t respond to the  “no! no! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”  I would say as I chased her town with the squirt bottle.


The vet confirmed that the sweet girl is deaf.


The girl is sad.   Kitten can’t hear the girl call her “lov’ems”   or “missy-moo” and I feel rather foolish when I still talk to her, but it makes us feel better.

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6 thoughts on “September 14”

  1. LOL…yes, I would probably do the same with the roll. That is a funny kitty.
    Boo that she is deaf. I like Pip’s comment…I wonder what the animals do think, especially if they could hear and then can’t anymore.

  2. Years ago I was told that white cats are usually deaf. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw the photo, but before I read your story. Sometimes eye color makes a difference, I think, or if the cat has some other color in its fur. That said, she is a beautiful cat!

  3. She is beautiful! I am sorry she is deaf. 😦 I think this cat can feel your love. 🙂

    Our cat went deaf when he was 13. He lived until he was 17.

    Glad to see you on your blog!

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