September 30


Nailed it or Failed it?


Well, when your recipe starts out with one pound of butter….how can it fail?


My knees are shot. As in standing/walking is a constant pain.


Life is pain Highness and if someone tells you different they are selling you something. ~ The Princess Bride


That being the case, I have the girl help me whenever she is willing and is home.




Let me show you how willing.




As you can see she is very enthusiastic!




Someone might have suggested the hand mixer instead of big Bertha.




And creaming a whole pound of butter with 2½ c. of sugar isn’t easy with a hand mixer.




Oh…sweetie, get out big Bertha!

Yes, I suggested it a little to late.

I melted the caramels.  Hellllooooo!  there was a spoon to lick afterwards.




This went above and beyond my expectations.

I totally NAILED IT!!!

okay, okay, the girl totally nailed it.



September 29

Hello Internet.

Today is the day that my twits and I are posting our monthly Nailed it or Failed it post.

Ya’ll might want to check them out because I haven’t even begun mine… yet.


Well, at first I didn’t have all the ingredients.  So I charged the girl with getting some for me as she works at The Stuffmart.

She forgot my card.

So the next day I got them myself.

Then life happened.

In the form of 4 episodes of Once Upon a Time that the girl INSISTED we watch.

Then it was payday, and all the shopping, and gas getting and putting away.

I had planned on doing it yesterday evening but again the girl INSISTED that we watch Man On the Ledge.

After that was over, I bit the bullet and started fixing a huge goober I did on Superman’s sweater.   I screwed up the moss stitch major.   At first I thought that I could fix it one stitch at a time, but no, I had to unravel 8 stitches across and down 10 rows.   I couldn’t even begin to think about Salted Caramel Butter Bars.   My brain was mush.

So, the plan is today after the girl gets home from The Stuffmart.  I INSIST.
Here is what my twits did. They were good. I was not.

September 24

A friend of mine blogs on Mondays, and she is all random about it.


She calls it of all things “Random Monday”


So I thought I’d give it a shot because I’m 50 shades of boring and we all know that everyone wants to know about my boring.


~~Today is my daughter’s birthday. A few years ago I made her a chocolate sour cream cake and it fell apart when I took it out of the pans. Undaunted I just plopped the bits of cake in a 9×13 iced it and the girl called it “the blob”. I had much better luck with it today. At least it didn’t fall apart….much.


~~I have fallen in love with Once Upon A Time. I have been watching it on Netflix. I love the Netflix.


~~I’m not happy with CBS. They dropped Dish, and 90% of the shows I watch is on CBS. What is worse is that this week starts the new seasons.


~~Is chips and cookies a good lunch? I sure hope so because that is what I had today.

September 14


In May of this year, the girl BEGGED me to allow her to get a cat.

Who can hardly say no to a kitten as cute as this.

So, she became a part of our family.

She is the sweetest little thing.

She lets us hold her like a baby, and you can actually rock her to sleep.






I know we all have seen it.

Cat’s shred tp.

Not kitten



toilet paper


No, she takes it with her.


out into the hall


Down the disgusting brown painted hallway, around the basket of dirty clothes.


down the stairs


Down the stairs.


her nest

(please forgive all the blurry.  I didn’t take this photo)

To make a fluffy nest to sleep on.

Not one square had a hole in it.

So I did what any other tightwad cheep frugal woman would do.   I wound it all back on the roll.


grown up


She is bigger now, and yesterday was THE day. The nip and tuck day.


For some time I thought that she was deaf.


She doesn’t come to “here kitty, kitty, kitty” even if I had treats and she didn’t respond to the  “no! no! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”  I would say as I chased her town with the squirt bottle.


The vet confirmed that the sweet girl is deaf.


The girl is sad.   Kitten can’t hear the girl call her “lov’ems”   or “missy-moo” and I feel rather foolish when I still talk to her, but it makes us feel better.