August 31


It is the end of the month, and I’m here to tell you all about our lovely adventure with the Nailed it or Failed it twits friends I’m involved with.



sugar and syrup

We got to choose our own project this time.   After a long while of perusing the Pinterest,  I couldn’t figure out what to do.

I have pinned so many things!!

Let me just say do not go to Pinterest if you are hungry.   When you see a thousand food pins from me, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet.


mix well


I finally decided on. Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Kisses because CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER and NO BAKING!


rice crispies


I got everything out, measured ingredients,




unwrapped a bazillion Hershey Kisses and enlisted the girl to do the standing part.  The knees just haven’t been co-operating with me for about a month now.  Hello saw, meet uncooperative knees.


So all you do is boil sugars, add peanut butter and rice crispies. Scoop them out. Plop in a kiss and voila.



Cute little cookies.

The recipe said DO NOT disturb the chocolates.  So I didn’t because I’m all about following directions.


dont mess with the chocolate


But if you HAD say pushed the chocolate into the warm cookie, this might just happen.  It doesn’t matter though because they are an epic NAILED IT!!!


Go check out all my twits.   They all did a marvelous job.



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  1. Oooh, those look delicious! I bet they were a hit with the whole family. Obviously, you had some with your coffee this morning. Right? I mean, anyone would.

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