August 27


About 5 months ago, the girl asked me if she could repaint her room.


Make it “her’s” she said.


I said sure, as long as you purchase the stuff and do the work.  Because I had painted the room a lovely pale pink with an appropriate boarder, and I wasn’t. going. to. paint. again!


So for months she perused books, magazines, and the Internet of all manor of Edwardian/Victorian bedrooms.   Looking at deep mauve’s and rich golds.   I was elated.




About 2 months ago she came home loaded down with paint buckets, rollers, brushes, etc.


I couldn’t wait to see the final colors she chose.


Oh Internets! I was so unprepared.



room 1



Lime GREEN!!!

What happened to the mauve, gold, sage, cream????

I didn’t look in the room for about a month.  Because GREEN!


horders 1


And when I did, I thought I might have another heart palpitation or 10.


horders 2



horders 3


What I really should have done was call Hoarders Buried Alive.


It stayed like that for a good month while she painted, and painted and painted.


The slow gene, it didn’t come from me.


I refused to look even in the direction of her room.


Then began the ripping up of the carpet.


That took some time too.


Finally, finally, finally she said she was finished and would I please, please, pretty please come and look at how lovely her room looked.


All I could think was GREEN!!!


finished 1


It doesn’t look to bad.


finished 2


She has ordered some curtains and bedding to match the walls and trim.



And look what we found underneath the still in really good condition carpet?  A wonderful hard wood floor!   I am once again elated!


Which got me to thinking…I wonder the hallway looks that pretty.


And while it is hardwood, someone painted it.   A gross army tan.


Who in their right mind would paint a lovely hardwood floor?


Now begins a new project.


Strip and refinish the hall way.


If I had known what doing her room would lead to, I would have said forgetaboutit.



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8 thoughts on “August 27”

  1. We had renters in our townhouse that asked to paint the bedrooms. Since she had a 2 year lease, we agreed. She ended up leaving after one year. And left us with a lime green bedroom. Nice.
    It is a cheerful color and I’m sure it will look lovely when the curtains and bedding are in place.
    Cool deal on the hardwood floors. But you are right, why would you paint them?

  2. I hope for your sake that your agreement included a clause stating that she must return the room to its original color. I hate to think of poor you and the amount of Kilz primer it will take to cover her color choice after she moves out. In the meantime, do what I do and embrace their individualism (gag) and keep your sunglasses handy! xo

  3. The lime green isn’t so bad … wonder if she would consider changing the trim? I think the dark trim takes away from the brightness of the green and almost doesn’t do the floor justice either. Maybe even white trim? Just sayin … I do like the green though. That’s what the boys would choose to paint their room in … if given a choice. Maybe not lime green … but definitely green.

  4. Are you going to sand the floors and restain? Just wondering:) I remember when she was over at the house when she was maybe 10 and we were going through the house she telling me how she would decorate it 🙂 Fun times!

  5. so funny that she choose the exact same shade of green that my boys have in their room!!!! It is bright and cheerful though!!! We have royal blue carpet in their room and I’m not pulling it up because the floor under it is a horrid mess and not pretty at all.

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