August 9

When I was little I had two reoccurring dreams.

One was about termites, and I don’t want to talk about it.

The other one was about getting lost.

I was always with my dad, we were always in a hardware store, and somehow I always got separated from him.   I would run up and down the isles looking for him.   I don’t know why I didn’t call out for him in my dream.   Maybe I was just terrified that I was lost.

I’m still terrified about getting lost.

Sister calls it an adventure.   I don’t believe her one bit.

This week I took my MIL to the doctor in Wooster.   I have been to Wooster all of 3 times.

I had no idea where I was going, so I turned to Google Maps.

That was all well and good, but it didn’t settle my fear much.

Then the light bulb over my head went on and I remembered that Superman has a GPS.

Then I remembered that it hadn’t been charged in FOREVER.

Then I remembered that my phone has a GPS on it and all was right in my world…or so I thought.

Tuesday went like this:

2:00 am~~woke up from a dead sleep afraid I was going to get lost.   Stumbled into the bathroom and in the darkness wrote on the mirror “I need your car charger”  because my phone battery has been dying a very quick death and the car charger has a cord that fits my phone.

2:01~~went back to bed and slept soundly

8:30ish~~came downstairs to find that Superman left me his car charger and his GPS.   whoop!  whoop!   ate a bowl of cereal.   I like cereal.  Tried to turn on GPS.   Deader than a door knob.


8:32ish~~remembered the GPS on my phone. Un-panic.  So I fired it up and found that yes indeed I do have one, but I must pay $4.99 monthly to activate it or pay for a one day offer at $2.99 a day.  I spared no expense and payed $2.99.

9:00~~called MIL to find the address to the doctor’s office.  Plugged in the address and I was happy.

time in between~~did stuff

11:15~~the girl and I went to pick up the MIL,  then to Stuffmart to drop her off at work.  On the way there I noticed that nothing was charging.  Must be why Superman hasn’t charged his GPS in FOREVER.  His cord is broken.


11:17~~We are going to Stuffmart.   Un-panic

11:35~~I sent the girl in to purchase another car charger, there was only a cord for the GPS.

Panic!   I needed one of them to work and I had no idea whether or not Superman’s GPS would even charge, but I am ever hopeful in the middle of a crisis….snort!

My phone GPS was so lovely. It got me to the doctor’s office without incident.  Well worth the $2.99…. until I get my phone bill, and then I’ll be all “Superman!  Look I have been charged $2.99! Why have I been charged $2.99?  I didn’t by anything for $2.99”

When we arrived at the doc’s office.  My phone battery didn’t have enough juice to even text.


Just as an afterthought I turned on Superman’s GPS.   Low and behold it was charging.


After the appointment MIL took me to a really cool restaurant called  The Barn.

It was beyond wonderful.

Have you ever smelled an old barn?

The smell of old untreated lumber, slight whiffs of cow and horse manure, old leather….I love that smell, and it smelled like that in there, minus the manure.

I was in heaven…well, restaurant heaven.

They had home made bread and honey spread.   I could have just eaten that for my meal.  Carbs and I are best buds.  I also got the salad bar.

It was great…even the cheese was hand shredded.

5:30~~I made it home without getting lost once, and that Internets is my version of an adventure.

Sorry Sister, I know I disappoint.

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  1. It’s okay, sweetie. We all have our own ideas of what constitutes and adventure. My adventures are just a little more, um, adventurous. 🙂

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