July 11

Seriously, July 11?

Good googlie mooglie the year is more than half gone.

What have I done with the first half of my year?


*I started knitting.   Most of the first sock is finished.  Mostly.

*I have been playing with the girl’s new kitten.   Right now, animals outnumber the humans 4 to 3.

* I have been reading.  A lot.

My choice of genre?  Smut, but I did draw the line at 50 Shades of Grey  because that is just a little over the top and I’m not into S&M.

Right now I’m reading the Hunger Games.

I started reading them 3 days ago.

I’m on the third book.

Why?   Well,  amidst the horrific weather that knocked out power from here to Yonkers and subsequent return of that blessed electricity, my Sweet Neighbor Lady lost her internet.  For 2 weeks.

It matters because I hack  steal  borrow piggy back on her wifi to upload smut books to my Kindle.  When you are out of electric there is only so much you can do.  It is to hot to knit, because it is only 100º and no AC.   Sidebar~~I heart my air conditioner~~so you spend your time laying on the floor smack dab in front of a fan set on gale force wind (bless you generator) reading everything in your Kindle, but because you only had half of one book left on your Kindle there is nothing to do in a matter of an hour but lay in front of said fan and stair at the ceiling.  After 3 sweat filled days of nothingness the electricity is back.

Unfortunately SNL  has been out of internet since then. ~~why yes I did try to manually upload books to my Kindle ~~why yes, I’m mostly a computer novice.

SNL has lent me movie after movie, but a person can only watch. so. much.

Hence the books.

Her Internet returned yesterday,hallelujah, but sweet mercy!  I’m stuck in Panem.

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