March 26th

Hey there Internets!


It has been a long time.


I will explain in another blog.   It isn’t pretty.


Aaaanyway….I’m here to write about something else.


Growing up as a preacher’s kid had its good points and bad…but mostly good.


Every church dad ever preached at, I had favorites.   It doesn’t matter what any preacher tells you, he has favorites too.


When we moved to Doe Run, Missouri, there were 2 older gentlemen that were my favorites.


T.O. Hughes and Donny Hampton.


T.O. was great.   We rode horses together, he let me cut and rake his hay and he made me wonderful lunches.


Donny Hampton was a quiet man.   I never quite knew what to say to him, but I was drawn to him just the same.   He gave great hugs, was kind and he twinkled.


Mom just called to let me know that the docs have called the family in for him.   So very sad.  


So much death here lately in my small sphere of people.


Make every day count peoples. 


Every. day!