November 11

Today is Veterans Day.


Today I’m thankful for all those who have fought/are fighting/and will be fighting for freedom.


Not only for myself, but my children, my grandchildren, etc.


And a big shout out to my Superman.


PS.   Subway is giving away free 6″ subs to veterans today.


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4 thoughts on “November 11”

  1. I was at the V.A. Hospital in Dallas on Wednesday for my fiance to have some tests, you can not believe what a fun place it is to hang out in. The vets are so fun and friendly! Always a great story to tell, it was a blast! Would be a great place to volunteer if you had the time. Thank a veteran today!

  2. CC, our local tv station listed several restaurants that are offering deals to veterans and active duty soldiers today. Outback is giving them a free Blooming Onion. Applebee’s is offering them a free dinner. If possible, you should take Superman out for supper tonight, maybe Applebee’s, and tell him Thank You from me, and the rest of America. 🙂

  3. I had a little table outside my classroom today to honor our veterans. I had Grandpa M’s navy picture,the flag and a Bible. Also played John Williams cd of patriotic songs. Tried to tell the children what it meant. I think most of them got it. Uncle Jim and I are going to the Schuster Center in Dayton tonight to hear our dear friend, Daniel Rodriguez sing. He will be doing a tribute to the Veterans.

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