October 13


I’m a telemarketer.

A business to business telemarketer.

I know…I know….what an awful job.

But it is perfect for me…someone who hasn’t worked in 20 years, isn’t physical and has no skills.   And believe me, it takes no skills to be a telemarketer.

What I’d like to address today is moms.

Moms…when you are getting ready to have a baby, please….please…please I beg you stop and think about what your naming your child.

I can not count how many Dick Weiner’s or some variation of that, that I have spoken too.   But I’d really like to address the mother of a man I spoke to last week.   Frizzell Frizzell.

Were you high?   Maybe you had a jaw breaker in your mouth when you had his name put on the birth certificate, or perhaps you had a horrible C-section and were still jacked up on morphine, because I CAN NOT believe you would name your son that ON PURPOSE.

And the mother of Honey Sue that I spoke with yesterday….it might have sounded so sweet at the time, but seriously?!?!?!   not so much.   Can you imagine her in a court room and the judge having to address her as Honey?  a cop pulling her over?  Any husband in the vicinity talking to their wife and calls out….Honey can you come here, and the wife and Honey Sue show up together….he will be in sooooo much trouble.

There really isn’t anything wrong with Mary, or Bob.


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21 thoughts on “October 13”

  1. At my work I see a lot of jacked up names, and periodically have to send out emails with the winner for most aweful name of the day.

    Gorgeous trees too!

  2. Where I work, I see “Heiny” and “Butts.” I snigger.

    OH, those CoLORSSSSS!!!! Thank you so much for posting them! Here, everything turns a dull green and then dies and falls from the trees. Bleh.

  3. The pictures are fabulous. I know what you mean about names. Nobody uses the names like Sue or Mary, Jane ,Tom, Or any thing easy or plain. And the way they spell them,it’s unreal. Have a good day. Love you.

  4. I Love your sense of humor!
    You are so right..I have often wondered this myself…have an odd name you like? Use it as a nickname!

    Is that tree outside your house? nice to look at..very pretty. We have no color here yet but you can tell it is waiting in the wings…

  5. It’s always fun to hear about the whacky names that people give their kids. What would you think of a mom naming her twins Chip and Dale? It certainly gives one pause.

    In this economy, a job’s a job. I bet that you are very good at yours.

    Love the ketchup, mustard, relish tree. They’re my favorites, though I should think of a better name.

  6. When I was in our scheduling department we had some people with crazy name, the one I remember is Deja Vu. I thought the nurse was putting one on me, made me laugh and smile for the rest of the day.

    Love the colors, our trees are either still green or dead around here.

  7. I have encountered many crazy names during my teaching career. Duncan Duncan, Cookie and Candy Crumbles, Zatanna, Fantasia, Sharika, Martika.
    My brother used to rodeo in high school and college. There was a Sandy and Dusty Rhoades and a Short Risings.
    My friend’s dad’s name is Harry Dicke! She always asks him why he didn’t just go by Harold.

  8. Your photos are stunning!! Autumn is my favorite time of the year.

    I appreciate your update too!! I experienced many unusual names during my teaching career also…like you, many times I shook my head in wonder!!

  9. The photos of the trees are lovely. Our foliage here is not so great this year, at least not yet.

    I know someone named Jules Jules!

    I really wish parents wouldn’t name their child and have no intention of calling their child that name and give them a nickname instead. I also don’t care for the different spellings of a basic name. I know three little girls all named Hayley, Haylee, and Hailey. They fight over who has the correct spelling!

  10. Hmm, I didn’t know only moms named their children. I thought both parents or even other people contribute in the naming process depending on the parents’ preferences. Either way, I agree with you. With bullying being so prevalent, it is important to think about how parents name their child; the wrong name choice may mess up the child’s life forever (That’s why I changed my name legally haha). My father picked my first name; my mom picked my middle name. I kept the latter AND changed my last name to my mom’s. 🙂

    I’m glad to see you posting again! Take care.

  11. A job is a job and I’m sure you do good work. Sorry you couldn’t find something at a bakery or cafe, that’s where your talents would shine!

    I used to work inside sales, lots and lots of phone work. You would not believe the names. We started writing them down in a book. Here’s two I can remember.

    Sandy Beach
    Begga Gamina

  12. I have missed you, Chocolate Chic. It’s good to “see” you again. Glad your therapist prodded you a bit. I, too, am a procrastinator–big time. Those fall colors are amazing. Here in Oklahoma, we’re not seeing much of autumn yet. Please start posting more often! (Oh, and your granddaughter is precious. Can you see that I’m actually commenting on three posts at once? But I just had to comment on that photo of the autumn leaves, so I’m writing my comment on this post. That’s what happens when you read three or four posts all at once.)

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