October 12

Never put off tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow….or even the next couple of days…or even wait till the very last minute.

That is the procrastinators motto.

Or maybe it is just “my” motto.

Or maybe I just am one lazy chic!

To what am I referring?

Wellllll….now that you ask…..

I see a therapist…because of all the crazy that is me.

My therapist ordered requested that I make one blog post and take one picture this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told her I didn’t want to be productive…   Must rethink how I interact with therapist.

My week is up tomorrow.

That isn’t so bad, but I got a new computer, and I am just now installing Photoshop on it.

You know….to photoshop the picture…that I haven’t even taken yet.

Internets…this whole procrastination thing….it isn’t pretty.

I guess I should get my camera out of storage….you know…to actually take a picture.

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11 thoughts on “October 12”

  1. You sound like me. LOL My therapist gives me “homework” and I usually do it at about 10:30 before my 11 o’clock appt. each week. LOL But, at least it does get done.

  2. Oh my word….I REALLY understand. My son and I would work on the homework from family therapy on the drive to the next appointment. We really could not have put it off a minute longer. Many times we finished our conversation in the parking lot before our appointment. Probably why we had to stay in therapy so long.

  3. I was just telling my children this morning about my college days and staying up until 7 am writing the paper that was due at 8am. It wasn’t last minute. I had an hour to sleep before I handed it in. I did suggest they might not want to follow in their mother’s footsteps.

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