October 28

jax in her costumeblog

Happy Friday….from my mini chip chef.


October 13


I’m a telemarketer.

A business to business telemarketer.

I know…I know….what an awful job.

But it is perfect for me…someone who hasn’t worked in 20 years, isn’t physical and has no skills.   And believe me, it takes no skills to be a telemarketer.

What I’d like to address today is moms.

Moms…when you are getting ready to have a baby, please….please…please I beg you stop and think about what your naming your child.

I can not count how many Dick Weiner’s or some variation of that, that I have spoken too.   But I’d really like to address the mother of a man I spoke to last week.   Frizzell Frizzell.

Were you high?   Maybe you had a jaw breaker in your mouth when you had his name put on the birth certificate, or perhaps you had a horrible C-section and were still jacked up on morphine, because I CAN NOT believe you would name your son that ON PURPOSE.

And the mother of Honey Sue that I spoke with yesterday….it might have sounded so sweet at the time, but seriously?!?!?!   not so much.   Can you imagine her in a court room and the judge having to address her as Honey?  a cop pulling her over?  Any husband in the vicinity talking to their wife and calls out….Honey can you come here, and the wife and Honey Sue show up together….he will be in sooooo much trouble.

There really isn’t anything wrong with Mary, or Bob.


outside 1

October 12

Never put off tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow….or even the next couple of days…or even wait till the very last minute.

That is the procrastinators motto.

Or maybe it is just “my” motto.

Or maybe I just am one lazy chic!

To what am I referring?

Wellllll….now that you ask…..

I see a therapist…because of all the crazy that is me.

My therapist ordered requested that I make one blog post and take one picture this week.  Maybe I shouldn’t have told her I didn’t want to be productive…   Must rethink how I interact with therapist.

My week is up tomorrow.

That isn’t so bad, but I got a new computer, and I am just now installing Photoshop on it.

You know….to photoshop the picture…that I haven’t even taken yet.

Internets…this whole procrastination thing….it isn’t pretty.

I guess I should get my camera out of storage….you know…to actually take a picture.