September 19

I have commented many times in the last 2 months on Facebook about my escapades when I forget something.


Mainly it is about how many times have I walked out the door and forgotten to put on my shoes, but I have also forgotten to wash my hair, or things like that.


But this morning takes the cake.


I thrive on routine.




I heart it.


So every morning I wake up, pet the cats~~because they insist on it~~get up, make the bed and go to the bathroom.


There I shower, dry off, put on lotion, spray on deodorant, do my hair, go back to the bedroom, pet the cats some more, get dressed come downstairs, turn on Fox and Friends, check my email, and play on FB.


So here I am, playing on FB listening to Fox and friends when I notice that my head is cold.


I reach up to touch it and it is still wet.




I forgot to do my hair.


How does one forget to do that??


Dear brain,

I need you to function better.