August 19

Hey there Internet!

When I was little ever so often, the parents would purchase ice cream bars as a treat for the family.

Daddy loved the ones with the toffee bits on them.

I loved them too, but while I thought they were good, when I would be eating it I would be thinking that it was lacking something.

Can I get an AMEN???

Anyone want to admit that they would eat all the chocolate off first because it was the best part then grudgingly eat the ice cream wishing that there was more chocolate on the outside.


Well Internet, have I got the solution for you.

Magnum ice cream bars.  Superman bought me the double caramel the other day for a surprise for me.   It was the best part of the day!

Internet….I was totally blown over, not with just the quality of the chocolate but the QUANTITY of it was perfection!

Run, Internet…run to your nearest grocery and purchase these.  You will not be sorry!!!  And you won’t mind the ridiculous price either because…CHOCOLATE, AND CARAMEL AND MORE CHOCOLATE.