July 27

Hey there Internet.


I have given a lot of your comments a lot of thought.


Especially one that said “your blog is like a digital scrap book”.   I had never thought of it that way….so I’m keeping it up.


Please don’t expect many posts, but I will from time to time…like today.


I hate to sweat.


It is one of the reasons I’m so fat.


I only eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a 300 calorie salad for lunch and a mini pizza for supper….Well under 1200 calories!


But I don’t exercise, because of all the sweat!




Well, the building I work in  has been having AC issues.   Issues as in the AC hasn’t worked all week, most of last week and who knows about tomorrow.


All this oozing of moistness all day long is just for the birds.  The clothes stick to you, your anti-perspirant goes on strike, and when you wear shorts you leave bits of your person on the chair when you get up.


So I began taking ice packs to lay my wrists on to cool me off.   I’m smart like that…but then the ice melted, and I went back to all the oozing and sticking and stinking.



CC isn’t pretty when she oozes.   She gets cranky when she oozes.


CC is going to petition her boss for a portable AC unit to put under her desk.

July 16

Hey there Internets!


Long time no type!


In the last month or so, I have gotten several “where are you”?  “I hope you are okay” “I miss you” emails.


So, I figured I’d let you know where I have been.  I have been in a very dark place.


I have always meant this blog to be a place to be happy and for me to share about my life.


But….there is always a but…isn’t there???


I have always considered my self to be strong and independent.   I have always done things for myself…only asking for help if I just could not do it.


But with the unexpected departure of the chips out of my life….the boy in August and the girl in February…put me into a tailspin that I couldn’t pull out of, and left me crashed on the floor of the pit of despair.   And I have realized that I may be independent personally but I am dependent emotionally.


That coupled with the fact that when I get up in the morning the house is empty, when I come home from work the house is empty….there is no one to talk to, no one to cook for, no one to photograph, therefore, no stories to tell.


It has only been in the last 2 weeks that, along with the help of my therapist and some high powered drugs, I have been able to pick my head up off the floor.


So!  It is time to close the door on this blog.


I will be leaving it up till the end of July so that if there are any recipes you want to get you have time.


Thank you for the joy and laughter you have brought to my life.   I am on Facebook.   Who isn’t???   Feel free to friend me there.   I’m Tanya Brillhart, but I answer to CC.   Just leave me a wee note telling me your from my blog.