June 10

Hey Internet.

It is Friday and I am nosy.

I want to know…

  1. What goes into your coffee or tea?
  2. What goes into a good omelet?
  3. What goes into your ears on a good morning?
  4. What goes into a healthy but yummy lunch?
  5. What goes into a productive evening?


1. Nothing goes in my coffee because *gasp* I do not drink coffee. I put sugar in my iced tea.

2. A good omelet will include bacon, ham, and sausage, onion, green pepper, tomato, and sometimes zucchini, and last but not least….cheese…swiss cheese.

3. Fox News always goes into my ears, and sometimes….if I have time a pair of ear rings.

4. Gourmet chicken salad sandwich and a lovely spinach/strawberry salad

5. Right now…a productive evening has me not forgetting to feed my animals…

How about you???


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11 thoughts on “June 10”

  1. 1. It has to be very cold for me to drink coffee, then a little Bailey’s goes in there, to me tea which I have every morning is a sugar.
    2. A good omelet for me, bacon, saugsage, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and cheese. I do agree with you swiss cheese is much better.
    3. Lately with the new longer drive to work I have been popping in great motivation or bible studies in my cars cd player.
    4. Is this possible!! Love grilled chicken with a creamy sauce, fresh salad, & fruit for dessert.
    5. A productive evening at my house is we all survive one more day.

  2. 1. Milk in my coffee, nothing in my tea. Coffee in the morning, Tea in the evening. 😀
    2. Cheese and salsa, or onion, jalapeno,and tomato in an omelet.
    3. Taylor Swift in my ears, along with children arguing.
    4. Salad w/ turkey, yogurt and fruit. for a healthy yummy lunch.
    5. A clean desk at the end of the day is a productive day.

  3. 1. If I have coffee, sometimes it’s black, sometimes it has one of those flavoured creamers. If I have tea, it has sugar. More often than not, I have neither one.
    2. I think I’m coming to your house for omelets!
    3. Hehe, I’m clearly not a morning person. This one took me a minute – my first thought was nothing goes in my ears, except maybe a Qtip. Is it only a good morning if I manage to shower before lunch?
    I wake up to the local radio station to hear the news/weather, and if buses are running (most important on cold winter mornings). And earrings go in if I have to go to town. It’s been nice to wear earrings again, after so many years of not because of littles with curious fingers 🙂
    4. Our favourite lunch is ramen noodle soup with broccoli, carrots, bok choy and mushrooms. And if it’s just me, shrimp too (my husband and one son are allergic to shrimp).
    5. This is the only time of year that an evening might possibly be productive. I love this time year, when it’s light until after 11 pm. I often slip outside after the kids are in bed, to go to the garden.

  4. Oo, Friday is trying to sneak by me. I think you are trying to make me think about being productive or at least purposeful.

    1. coffee – just the beans, thank you, unless its cappuccino time…then beans and steamy whole milk.
    tea – unsweet….yes, I am a rebel in the south.

    2. Love a good omelet: mushrooms, spinach, tomato, bacon, sour cream, and just about any kind of cheese. Right now, I’m hooked on Havarti.

    3. “Wake up, oh beautiful and perfect wife….your cappuccino awaits.” ROFL I will settle for “Wake up….here’s your cappi”.

    4. A stir-fry with a protein and a variety of mixed veggies or a green leafy salad w/a protein in it, on it, or beside it.

    5. Productive? We’ve eaten before 8pm and the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, the trash has been emptied, and ‘stuff’ for the next day is lined up. AND, I didn’t forget anything that day.

  5. 1. Sugar and milk in my tea.

    2. I like my omelets just like yours.

    3.I turn on the CD player at school and have classical piano playing.

    4.Chicken salad in a pita bread with alfalfa sprouts.

    5.Having everything cleaned up from dinner,things ready for work the next day,and my shower done. Then I can spend a few minutes with my son out on the patio or with my husband in front of the TV

  6. Oh wow

    1. Milk in coffee but that is so rare. I don’t like tea or coffee.
    2. Allergic to egg yolk so it is a non event.
    3. Hopefully the sounds of the birds and little else.
    4. Something nice like chicken or salmon and salad.
    5. A little time spent cleaning and getting ready for the morning. Then some quiet time watching TV with knitting or crochet. The last thing is a short time with my Bible.

  7. 1. Cream, sugar, and ice because I prefer iced coffee hehe.
    2. Cheese and almost any kind of meat along with mushrooms.
    3. Q-Tips haha. Or the live sounds of Africa on Ustream (Pete’s Pond in Mashatu, Bostwana)
    4. Turkey sandwich with tomatoes and lettuce and pickles.
    5. Any step toward finishing my journal article or dissertation.

  8. 1. What goes into your coffee or tea? NO Coffee…Iced tea w/plenty of sugar
    2. What goes into a good omelet? Eggs, fried potatoes, bacon, cheese and green peppers
    3. What goes into your ears on a good morning? Quiet
    4. What goes into a healthy but yummy lunch? Tzatziki, shredded extra sharp cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce and lot of chopped tomatoes in a homemade flour tortilla.
    5. What goes into a productive evening? Learning something new!

  9. Coffee and tea straight no additions
    Omlet = Ham and Cheese
    Frozen meaL, yogurt and fruit
    Accomplishing anything more than watchingTV

  10. 1. I have been drinking black coffee since I was in college. I didn’t know any better, and now it just tastes right that way!
    2. Eggs, bacon or ham, cheese, green peppers
    3. Old country or old soft rock
    4. grilled chicken salad or vegetable soup
    5. Writing a blog or scrapbooking

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