7 thoughts on “June 8”

  1. Immaculate Baking Company. Or 500 Pound Gorilla.

    None that I have found!

    Since starting Tuesdays with Dorie, I make my own! Wish there was a really good prefab dough out there.

  2. Matt and his friends love the Nestle’s Tollhouse pull apart ones that you just separate and bake. I don’t know as I don’t like chocolate, but they love them.

  3. We like choc chip from Aldi’s not homemade at all, but still good.
    I don’t usually buy my cookie dough, I’d rather make the dough and then pay someone to bake them–and clean up my dishes. Oh in my dreams!

  4. None taste like the delight you can whip up yourself at home…good old-fashioned Tollhouse cookie dough with half the chocolate chips because I grew up in a home where Mom was frugal; hence I don’t like a lot of chocolate chips. Give me the one that got gypped.

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