May 22

Today I am thankful.

♥  I am thankful for the sun that has shown for the last 2 days. in. a. row!   Seeing as how we have had months and months of no sun.

♥  I am thankful for my smart phone that allows me to play Words With Friends, even though I loose all the time.

♥ I am thankful that Superman knows how to hang laundry.

How about you?   What are you thankful for?

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8 thoughts on “May 22”

  1. Today I am thankful that my oldest boys shoulder was able to finally be put back in place. He may be facing surgery on it,but for now it is in the socket.

    I am thankful that I found a picture of my boys taken when they were 2 and 14. It was a surprise to come across.

    I am thankful for the warm day and the cool night.

    Do people still hang out their laundry?

  2. Today I am thankful that the forest fires here in Alberta seem to be coming under control and that no one was injured in the devastating fires of Slave Lake.
    I am thankful that even though there was smoke in the air here, we were in no danger from any of the fires.
    I am thankful for spring, and green leaves/grass and flowers in bloom. It was a long winter!
    Aren’t smartphones fun? Even I have one – me, who said I would never have a cellphone :). But when my husband got one this winter, I wanted one too – I said, I don’t care about the phone part, but I want a cool toy!

  3. I’m thankful that it is raining for the tenth day straight and that there are no volcanoes/volcanos or tornadoes/tornados here.

  4. Love Words with Friends. I also lose all the time. I’d love to play with you yakirot is me!!

    I’m thankful for the rain!! We live in colorado and it’s been a dry winter for us.

  5. So glad so see you are back! I’m thankful that my ex-mother-in-law still loves me and can can visit like we always used to.

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