April 14

Last week, I got a card in the mail and it was lumpy.

I heart lumpy cards.

It means that something is in them.

I have said it before, but I love, love, love gifties.

Especially sweet little gifties like this.

Jax wearing bracelet_blog

Cara, thanks so much for such a personal and sweet little gift for Mini.

OH???   You need to see more of Mini???
Jax at home_blog

Here you go. Nana is most happy to oblige.



April 13

Dear Business Professionals,

When your cell phone rings, please do not answer it while you are using the facilities.   And should you by any chance answer while you are in the loo….do not…I repeat do not tell the person on the other end what you are doing.

It just isn’t professional.


My ears will never be the same again

April 7

Some brief observations from CC.

♦  Hot pink nail polish does not come out of cream colored carpets when Superman someone spills it.

♦  Survivor~~Ralph….that was the STUPIDEST thing you could have ever done.   Stupidest!

♦  The alarm clock is the most vile appliance I have in my home.

♦  It was 84º inside the building I work in.    I do not do heat well.   At. all.  I wonder if they make airconditioned tee shirts.

April 5

Hello there Internets!

Today is TWD.

I have no TWD. but I have something so. much. better.

Yesterday I spent the entire day in a waiting room.


I was waiting on this.


Yes, I know….I haven’t mentioned a word.

This was a specific request that I not mention it here on the blog.

What you say?

You can’t really see my new grandbaby girl? who for privacy sake will be now referred to as Mini.

Let me help with that.


Yes, I’m now a Nana.

I’m off today to take more pictures of my precious little Mini.