March 31

Last night the boy came over and he called me prissy.




Can you believe it?




So I was thinking I’m not prissy because what prissy girl will change her own oil, or garden, or really be happy wearing jeans and a tee?


Then I watched Survivor.


And seriously?   Do they have to put in all the shots of all those snakes and spiders and gross bugs???   really?


Okay…so I’m a little bit prissy.


Just a little.

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7 thoughts on “March 31”

  1. I HATE that part of Survivor–the spiders and snakes. But LOVED last nights show. I just watched it. I LOVE Rob. How funny was it when he just threw the clue into the volcano? The merge does scare me. Can’t wait (and hope) for them to get Phillip off. Pink undies on a man–now THAT’S sissy. 😉

      1. That is EXACTLY what my 9 year old daughter said after the first few episodes. She said, “I think they need to look into his story. I think he’s lying about being an agent.”

        I sit there and looked at her in shock for a moment. Then, I realized she was probably right. LOLOL!

  2. In Genesis we read that woman would fear snakes, crawls upon the ground. So I’m thinking that God made us this way. He also gave us the ability to do what some men won’t/can’t do. Now if the boy were a good son, I know he is but….., he would come and take care of those things for his mama!

    I don’t think that you are “prissy” because you do what you have to do.

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