March 29

pecans and sugar

As far back as I can remember, food that was green was good for you.



Green beans.



Brussel sprouts.


Even the pistachio which, back in the olden days of rotary dial phones and 8 track tapes, were dyed green.

And what kid wants to eat green food?
pecans and butter

Now that I’m a grown up, I heart all those green foods.

What was I thinking?
dough balls

Oh…yeah….cookies are better than spinach.
snow covered

This couldn’t be truer than today’s TWD pick, that Tianne of Buttercream Barbie chose, Pecan Powder Puffs…also known as Mexican Wedding cookies or Russian Tea Cakes.

The girl made 3 batches of these cookies at Christmas time, and I think between the both of us, we at them all.

Because these cookies are like pistachios….you can’t eat just one.


Just try it….it can’t be done.

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18 thoughts on “March 29”

  1. Oh wow, your cookies turned out really pretty – mine were a little lumpier than that. I am with you – as a kid, I wouldn’t touch green food, and now a meal is incomplete without some.

  2. AH, the rotary phone and the 8 track. Those were the days….

    I’ve never made these cookies-can you believe it? I made my dough this morning and will have my post up tonight. Can’t wait to bake these up!

  3. Can’t eat one pistachio is an NCIS reference, right? I love that show!

    I get pistachios from my Persian coworker and the ones from there aren’t green! They sure are good though. I’m sure these were a hit with pistachios!

  4. These were good, I had one and then thought I would have a couple more in the evening…when oh when am I going to learn that with teenage boys around there is no “later” when it comes to food. Eat now or there will be none left. Enough said. Yours look wonderful.

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