March 17

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I am celebrating by wearing hot pink.

All the Irish in me is coming out I tell ya!

I don’t know if I have admitted this to you, but I don’t shave my legs in the winter.

No one sees them, so why bother?

But this morning I got out a new razor, and went to work, and my razor was all  ‘what did I ever do to you?’

But I did this all for one reason.

Today it is supposed to be almost 70º SEVENTY DEGREES!  and CC is doing her happy dance, and wearing capris to work.

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7 thoughts on “March 17”

  1. This is a rhetorical question so I don’t expect an answer but doesn’t your husband see/feel your legs all winter??? My dear husband is the reason that I must shave all year round.

  2. We are expecting EIGHTY degrees here tomorrow. I can barely stand it – I so want to skip work to ride around in my new convertible all day!

    I could never get away with missing even one day with my razor. My husband doesn’t demand it, but I do!

  3. I will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, wearing my favourite shamrock necklace from my husband, eating as much mashed potatoes drowning in butter as I can manage to stuff in my face, and drinking a Guinness. Oh, and going to the dentist – yuck.
    I don’t shave very often in the winter. Only when it starts to bug me. Mostly because I just get lazy about it over the winter.

  4. I am lucky(it’s the Irish in me),but I don’t have to shave my legs or my armpits either one. I don’t grow hair in those places since I had my surgery 26 years ago. Now my chin is a different story.LOL I am so happy to see warm weather. Jarrod and I just got back from a walk.

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