March 11

I spend all day at work on the phone.


Every. single. minute.


The other day I was speaking to an older lady and she said to me “Honey, I can’t hear you, we’re having some weather!”   and for some reason that just tickled me all day long.


I’m still grinning thinking about it.


The different sayings you hear from different parts of the country…I love it.


Well Internet….we are having some weather.


We have been having some weather for the last 2-3 weeks, in the form of rain, but this morning….that awful white stuff again.


I’m tired of having some weather.

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9 thoughts on “March 11”

  1. Sorry about your white stuff…
    We had about 4 inches 3 days ago, then yesterday it was in the 70’s – all traces of snow are gone.

  2. We are having spring weather….always unpredictable. This past week has been completely cloudy and rainy. This morning is frosty and cold, but since it comes with lots of sunshine, I say PTL!

  3. We have been having nice spring weather, enjoying it while it last, in a few months it will be to hot to even think about going out doors.

  4. I’m with you. I’m tired of this weather and white stuff. The last week has been around -25 C every morning. Sure it warms up some during the day, but it’s March! It should be melting, or close to it right now!

  5. Haha…well for some parts of the country it is MARCH and that’s what you get with March..Some WEATHER!Here, where I am, after the up and down of March, we get April rain…the MUD season…yuk…
    It seems like we are all done with “some weather”…but I think it is because it started so darn early this year! Spring is ahead..think green…

  6. So fun!

    Many years ago, (a lifetime ago) when I was first married, I took a job with the department of public works for the (then) little town of Herndon, VA – I was the girl people called to find out about City services for their neighborhood – meaning things like trash day. So I would get calls from people saying, “I want to speak to trash”, so I would say, “This is Ms. White, how can I help you!?” Very few people got it, but it’s how I managed to enterain myself and our office during what were often pretty boring days!

    Happy weekend,


  7. I am so ready for Spring. The time changes Saturday,maybe it will warm up then and stay warm. One can only dream.

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