March 8

corn meal

I have never made it a secret about how Jiffy Corn muffins has ruined me for any other corn muffin.

I like my corn bread sweet.

I’m Northern like that.

Which is why I didn’t really think I’d like today’s TWD Corniest Corn Muffins.   Not much sugar added to this recipe.


add ins

I didn’t add corn to my muffins, but decided to add a mixture of sausage, bacon, onion and green pepper…because hellloooooooooo not Jiffy!

with butter

I was skeptical even with the butter melting.

superman approved
But Superman approved, so I tried some.

Not bad.

Not bad at all, but I’m still here hugging my box o’Jiffy Mix.

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18 thoughts on “March 8”

  1. I agree with you, corn bread needs to be sweet.
    I don’t use Jiffy Mix, but make my own and usually double the sugar in the recipe.

  2. Exactly! I add sugar to corn bread and biscuits…not much, but more than what was in the recipe. Really, it’s difficult to mess with a good thing like Jiffy. I like their corn muffins better than anything I can bake from scratch and I don’t like having corn meal around the pantry either. We’re two peas in a pod on this one.

  3. Girl I feel the same way you do about Jiffy. I love it. Just add some creamed corn and away you go. Delicious. These muffins were really good though.

  4. That’s not a muffin….that’s a meal! Love it! I’m a Yankee (living in the South) too, so I agree about sweet. Nothing wrong with a jiffy muffin, but I thought these were great too! Thanks for at least trying 🙂

  5. I liked Jiffy mix too,but since I started making cornbread from scratch,that is what I do. Your muffins looked delicious.

  6. Have you tried Mama’s cornbread recipe? It is more like cake than cornbread(according to Jose) But I love it!

        1. I will email it to both of you as soon as we get our stuff out of the storage unit. Hopefully before summer gets here.:)

  7. Oh, my do those look fabulous with all those add-ins! I have never seen a corn muffin so gussied up and I can’t wait to give that a try for the guys here who love each and every single one of those ingredients. (And, between you and me, Jiffy has it’s own little corner in my pantry and I wouldn’t want to take that space for anything else!)

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