March 2

I have never been one to shop for no reason but to shop.


Oh, when I was a teen and the parents were buying me something, I’d go and pick out what I wanted because there was a purpose, but to wander around the store, picking up this and that, and trying on stuff just because…..nope…not me.

I remember once Sister and I had gone shopping at Stuffmart because she needed some lotion.  We stood in front of that lotion isle for over 30 minutes while she made up her mind about what lotion she wanted.    She looked at this one, picked up that one, read the backs of them all, and in the end…she got the lotion that I showed her 2 minutes into the whole escapade.  I think she did it just to annoy me.

Sister!   I’m on to you!


Superman shops like that too.   The chips and I call him the shopping turtle, and they can’t stand to shop with him, and Internet, let me just say I feel their pain.

I was reminded of this on Saturday when I took the girl to the mall to meet up with the Parents.


The mall.   I do not like going to the mall.


She and I sat on the bench by the fountain and people watched.   I was quite content to sit there and watch everyone coming and going….making running comments about the pants and shoes and hair styles of everyone around.

The girl…she was antsy.   I knew that she wanted to get up and join the hoard of people wandering about.   Finally the Parents showed up and she was able to shop, and I was able to get out. of. there.


I think shopping on the Internet was invented specifically for people like me.

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10 thoughts on “March 2”

  1. Tanya, I would love to sit on that bench with you….but that would require being in the mall and, well, you know…

    “shopping turtle” LOL!

    I am a die hard Amazon fan and have been for many, many years.

  2. I am kinda with you Tanya. Uncle Jim, however could spend hours in one store. I did however enjoy going when it was my precious sisters and we would take mama. Just being with them was soooooo much fun. Hey girls,we need to plan a shopping day.

  3. Ummmmm, seriously??????

    What about all the times we went to the mall and spent hours shopping together…. both of us trying on clothes? You pretending to only speak french and me translating for you? We were teenagers then. You loved to shop!

    I think your age has affected your memory. 😀

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