March 1



Year, you are going by way to fast.

Today’s TWD is Chocolate Pots de Creame.

Or chocolate custard pudding.

I am not a custard pudding fan.    I have never been one.   Pudding for dessert?   To me it isn’t desserty enough.  Regardless of how fancy you dress it up or what name you give it, it is still pudding.

The only exception is if you put it in a crust and maybe some meringue on top.   Pie.   Now that is desserty enough.

Only I didn’t make pie.  I didn’t make pots de creame.

I’m not going to waste my good chocolate on pudding.

If you want to make Chocolate Pots de Creame, then go check out Christine’s blog.   She has the recipe.

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  1. This is not pudding, it is BEYOND pudding. Try it sometime! With some Reddi-whip on top, for extra dessertiness (I just couldn’t help myself – the can was in the fridge).

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