February 1

About 5 years ago, one of the local restaurants in town was sold.

I was so upset that it was being sold that I wrote a letter, but it did no good.

This restaurant was fabulous.   It had all kinds of antique charm, rough wooden beams everywhere, and the food!   The food was out of this world good.   They made their own salad dressing and they brought home made rolls and bran muffins to your table when you sat down.

Now we all know that Jiffy has ruined me for just about every other muffin out there, but these bran muffins were wonderful.   The boy loved them too, so when the restaurant was sold, he experimented with several recipes till he got a very, very, very close replica.   Then he took the recipe with him when he moved.

four grains

Today’s TWD Great Grains Muffins reminds me of a mix between a Jiffy corn muffin and those bran muffins.

in tin

They have a fluffy texture, and the slight grit from the corn meal and the oatmeal lends a “bran” feel to it.

You all know how I  feel about fruit in my food.   I didn’t add any.


I almost added some chocolate chips, but I didn’t think they would go well with corn meal.   Then I thought about pecans, but then I was just blah about that too.


I’m so glad I didn’t add anything.


The best way to eat a muffin is fresh out of the oven with lots of butter.

Thanks Christine.   I loved these muffins.