February 27

Hello there Internet.


This week has been rather long, so I am thankful it is over.


I am also thankful that the snow is almost gone.


The robins have shown up, and that means spring is on its way.


What are you thankful for this week?

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2 thoughts on “February 27”

  1. I saw a BIG FAT robin yesterday. Glad to see the grass that has been hiding under the snow.

    I am thankful for friends that let you rant and rave and love you anyway.

    I am thankful I can get up and go to church to worship my Savior.

    Love to all ,Aunt Cindy

  2. I wish I could be thankful that the snow was almost gone and spring was on the way but, alas, I have a little while to go for that up north here 😦
    Remember awhile ago, your picture of your kids texting, and I said how much I hated cellphones? I take that back – I am thankful for my new, early birthday present, BlackBerry. It is the coolest “toy” ever! I’ve had it for a whole 4 days now, and I’m in love with smartphones 🙂
    I am also thankful for an afternoon spent visiting with friends. It was a fantastic afternoon.

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