February 20

Today I am thankful.


I am thankful for…


♥  Superman putting up a new curvy shower curtain.  Now there is no attack of the shower curtain every morning.


♥  The gorgeous weather this past week.   After months and months and months of 5-25º weather, the 60º was down right luxurious.


♥  Finding out from a commercial that by eating Lucky Charms I’m getting in my daily required amount of whole grains to make me healthy.   Who knew!?!

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3 thoughts on “February 20”

  1. I give up. What is a curvy shower curtain? I put up a new shower curtain yesterday too,but I am the one with all the curves.

    I too was so thankful for warmer weather. I am so ready for it every day.(Uncle Jim was talking about freezing rain again.I washed his mouth out with soap.)

    I love Lucky Charms. Thanks for the info.

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