February 19

Dear Survivor!


Even though Philip and his teeny tiny fuschia briefs, and his “secret government agent” job are just entertaining….he is irritating me to the nth degree…he must go!



Already disturbed by the first episode


PS.   I really like Ralph.

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7 thoughts on “February 19”

  1. Ditto Philip! I ‘almost’ turned it off when he started his mouth. Our luck though … he will make it to the final two. He’s just that irritating. And Russell?? I didn’t like him the first time, he made me sick the second time, and I’m closing my eyes on him this time around. Ralph is cool but I am still a die hard Boston Rob fan. I’d like to see him make it this time.

  2. Phillip made me want to like Russell. Not that I like Russell but, he made me want to. And the reason he isn’t a secret government agent anymore is probably because he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. LOL I really wanted to smack him, but, that isn’t nice. LOL

  3. At least Russell knows how to play the game. Phillip is just an idiot.
    I can’t even think who Ralph is. Will have to look online.
    Not sure who I want to win right now, but love Boston Rob!
    And how was that for one of the best first tribal coucils ever!

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