February 10

Hey Internet.


I don’t like working outside the home.


I have come to realize that I enjoy being domestic.


I miss running the vacuum, doing laundry, sweeping the kitchen floor, baking and cooking.


I told one of the ladies that sits beside me this very thing and she laughed at me.   She couldn’t believe that I would want to do this.


I miss taking pictures.


My poor camera sits beside me covered in dust.


I miss petting my animals all day long.


I miss…..



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15 thoughts on “February 10”

  1. Your mother has been working outside the home for 30 some odd years.She hasn’t liked it either but as you have found out “you do what ya gota do”. I am sure that superman would like to spend a few more evenings at home than what he get to do and get to enjoy more of “the fruits of his labor”

  2. I know exactly how you feel, Chocolatechic. My baby is still at home for 2 more years and I’m already thinking about how much I don’t want to have to go to work. It would be nice to get a paycheck, however :). Maybe you can find some special little chocolates or candies to leave at work to help pull you there every morning. 🙂

  3. I can relate! As a small child my only ‘dream’ when growing up was to be a stay-at-home mom! This was never an idea that my own family or friends ever encouraged and I thought I must have been ‘weird’ for wanting this…so… off to work I went. Now 20+ years later, I’ve never had the opportunity to work at home, but I do miss the daily chores you speak of. I think I would have enjoyed the daily tasks of being home with my children.

    Wishing you a speedy week, and a great weekend!

  4. I understand. I’ve worked most of our married life and wished that I could just stay home and be a housewife. I enjoy it now that I have the opportunity, but I have feeling that it is going to come to an end. Basically, you do what you have to do.

  5. Hang in there… I’m sorry that you are missing those blessings (Vacuuming? Laundry? Really? You are such a better person than me!), but praying that God will allow His love to shine through you in a way that is such a blessing to all of your co-workers and every person with whom you come into contact and that He will use you “for such a time as this.”

  6. All I wanted when I was growing up was to be a wife and mother! I’m with you. I will say I was blessed for the most part since I got to be a stay at home mom and a housemaker until your daddy went to college. After that you know the story:) I still long for those days. It is a far more difficult job than people give women credit for, but to me the most rewarding. Homemakers, mothers certainly don’t sit at home eating bon bons and laying around.

  7. I miss those days of being at home too. I had to go to work when my children were young due to Uncle Jim’s health problems. Now if I had the chance to stay home, I think I would opt to work, Either that or do away with the Uncle.( lol)

  8. I truly understand, but hopefully this is just a season in your life and won’t last forever. I love going to school but am many times torn between the desire to be at home and school. This is where the Lord put you, so try to be happy in it. many hugs…..

  9. Before I had my first child, I taught elementary school. All I really wanted to do was stay at home, even then. Every August when I had to go back to work, I would feel so homesick. Love and hugs to you!


    PS–Maybe this will just be temporary situation…

  10. I love you (((((CC)))))

    May you feel the arms of Jesus around you very closely this weekend and in the coming weeks. May His glory shine through all that you do and say. May those who chose to say unkind things to you become tongue-tied and their words vanish as a breeze.

    from Jesus (((((CC)))))

  11. You and me both, girlfriend!

    Do you ever feel like you just really resent the fact that our culture/society are so againt the fact that some of us really do LOVE being homemakers?


    We have cut corners every single way we know how – no more cable, no more eating out – at all, no more new much of anything. Still, it’s not enough.

    So to work I go… I try not to cry as I leave. I honestly would be better with it if my kids were grown and gone. But I believe in my heart of hearts that as long as I still have kids at home my place really and truly is right there in their faces – reminding them that God loves them and has great things planned for their lives – whether they want to hear it or not.

    Praying for you – and me, too.


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