February 2

Last summer, I tried on my dad’s pair of crocs and low and behold…yes they are butt ugly (sorry mom) but they are also very, very, very comfortable.

So I decided if I could find them cheap enough I’d get myself a pair.

I wanted them for several reasons.

1.  They are comfortable.

2.  They are pink.

3.  They were cheap.

4.  They are so ugly that no one *coughcoughthegirlcoughcough* would borrow them.

I was wrong on #4.  I wear them all the time, even in the winter and when I go to my parents house my cousins boys wear them around the house…which I find totally adorable and endearing…but…the girl!

She wears them around the house for no reason at all…

aaaaaaaand as you can see by this awful picture that was furtively and quickly snapped….
wearing my crocs

someone else likes to wear them too.

Seriously people…I want my pink back.

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9 thoughts on “February 2”

  1. I can’t wear those things. Good luck getting them back. I am sure you will overcome. (or you could get an extra pair and hide them)

  2. They are very comfortable. I often wear my mom’s when I’m over there. The trouble with owning a pair would be that I would want to be barefoot in them around the house. And bare feet in rubber shoes is just not a good combination.

  3. Now there is a secure man! I know what you mean. I didn’t want to like them, but I do and I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t wear them anywhere but to the town dump and in my own home and garden, though. Perhaps I could consider expanding that. 😀

  4. I scored a pair on clearance for $5. the downside is that they are sunflower yellow. Pink would be better. Lime green would be the best!

  5. Ha, ha! Your cousin’s kiddos also wear your cousin’s shoes (high-heeled black ones) around our house, but if they are doing that by the time they are your daughter’s age, then I’ll be really worried! Actually, D is pretty much done with that at 3, but at 21 months, Z still likes to!

  6. I love crocs, but haven’t been able to find them lately – at least not here in NE. My kids wore them out and then continued to wear them until there was almost nothing left of them.
    They are very, very comfy!

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