February 27

Hello there Internet.


This week has been rather long, so I am thankful it is over.


I am also thankful that the snow is almost gone.


The robins have shown up, and that means spring is on its way.


What are you thankful for this week?

February 23

Hello Internet.


Hello Blog.


Why didn’t I post yesterday?   I woke up late.


Then there was the 6 inches of snow on top of 1½” of ice that I had to deal with.


That meant that I had to leave early so I could creep through town so I could get to work.


I did not make the scones.


I was busy spending time with my girl and I didn’t get to the store to get all the required ingredients.


Next week, it will be done.

February 21

Hey there Internet.


It is Monday and I am nosy.


  1. How and when did you learn to swim?
  2. How and when did you learn to drive?
  3. How and when did you learn to tie your shoelaces?
  4. How and when did you learn to cook?
  5. How and when did you learn to type?



1.   I can not remember learning to swim….mom?  dad?   do you remember???


2.   My dad taught me to drive in Moore, Oklahoma the year I turned 16.   I’ll never forget him taking me to the high school parking lot and teaching me to park..great memories.


3.  Again…don’t remember


4.   I learned by watching my mother all my growing up years.


5.   I learned to type in high school on one of the first electric typewriters…the school didn’t have the funds to purchase new ones.   I think I was in 10th grade.


How about you?

February 20

Today I am thankful.


I am thankful for…


♥  Superman putting up a new curvy shower curtain.  Now there is no attack of the shower curtain every morning.


♥  The gorgeous weather this past week.   After months and months and months of 5-25º weather, the 60º was down right luxurious.


♥  Finding out from a commercial that by eating Lucky Charms I’m getting in my daily required amount of whole grains to make me healthy.   Who knew!?!

February 19

Dear Survivor!


Even though Philip and his teeny tiny fuschia briefs, and his “secret government agent” job are just entertaining….he is irritating me to the nth degree…he must go!



Already disturbed by the first episode


PS.   I really like Ralph.

February 14

Hey Internet.


Happy Valentines Day


It is Monday and I am nosy.


  1. What’s a pretty good sign that your day at work or school is going to be rough?
  2. What’s a pretty good sign that your day at work or school is going to be terrific?
  3. What’s a pretty good sign that you should probably eat out?
  4. What’s a pretty good sign that you’re going to spend more money than you should?
  5. What’s a pretty good sign that someone you’ve just met is going to be a pretty good friend?




1.  When I get dressed and nothing looks right.


2.  When people smile at me.


3.  When there is nothing in the house to eat.


4.  When the car breaks down.


5.  When they actually ask about me and are genuinely interested in me.

February 13

Hey there Internet.


Long time no type.


Today I am thankful for…


♥  Friends who will pray for me when I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.


♥  Time spent with my girl.


♥  A dog who will take her wormer without question.


♥  My girl who will hold the cats who fight tooth and nail while I give them their wormer.

February 10

Hey Internet.


I don’t like working outside the home.


I have come to realize that I enjoy being domestic.


I miss running the vacuum, doing laundry, sweeping the kitchen floor, baking and cooking.


I told one of the ladies that sits beside me this very thing and she laughed at me.   She couldn’t believe that I would want to do this.


I miss taking pictures.


My poor camera sits beside me covered in dust.


I miss petting my animals all day long.


I miss…..



February 7

Hey there Internet!

It is Monday and I am nosy.

What I want to know is….


  1. What’s your favorite kind of cracker?
  2. What part of your residence gets the best natural lighting?
  3. What song have you frequently listened to lately?
  4. What could you use a little break from?
  5. What’s going on in your town this weekend?




1.  My favorite cracker is the little mini Ritz/peanut butter cracker sandwiches.


2.  My kitchen


3.  What Do You Want From Me by   Jerrod Niemann


4.  Work


5.  Nothing.   Nothing ever goes on in our town.


How about you?

February 6

Hey there Internets!


I want to tell you what I’m thankful for this week.


♥ The neighbor’s son, who when he saw me flat on my back, came to my rescue and not only helped me up, but then sprinkled his own salt on our walkway so that I wouldn’t fall again.


♥  Salt.   When you sprinkle it on an icy sidewalk, it isn’t so icy anymore.


♥  Time spent with the girl.   Saturday’s, I have declared to myself, are for us girls.   So what did we do on our girly day?   We went and saw True Grit.   Fabulous movie!!!


♥  Zebra Cakes.   I could eat the entire box all by myself.   But restraint…you are sitting on my shoulder.


What are you thankful for today?

February 4

Hello Friday, where did you come from?


I have been busy dealing with the snow and the ice and the cold and did I mention the ice?


Oh…ice…how dreadful you are!


And wasn’t it just Monday?  and I had all the time in the world to make my FFwD?




I haven’t made you yet, but tomorrow morning I will be doing just that.


Bye Friday I’ll see you next week.

February 2

Last summer, I tried on my dad’s pair of crocs and low and behold…yes they are butt ugly (sorry mom) but they are also very, very, very comfortable.

So I decided if I could find them cheap enough I’d get myself a pair.

I wanted them for several reasons.

1.  They are comfortable.

2.  They are pink.

3.  They were cheap.

4.  They are so ugly that no one *coughcoughthegirlcoughcough* would borrow them.

I was wrong on #4.  I wear them all the time, even in the winter and when I go to my parents house my cousins boys wear them around the house…which I find totally adorable and endearing…but…the girl!

She wears them around the house for no reason at all…

aaaaaaaand as you can see by this awful picture that was furtively and quickly snapped….
wearing my crocs

someone else likes to wear them too.

Seriously people…I want my pink back.

February 1

About 5 years ago, one of the local restaurants in town was sold.

I was so upset that it was being sold that I wrote a letter, but it did no good.

This restaurant was fabulous.   It had all kinds of antique charm, rough wooden beams everywhere, and the food!   The food was out of this world good.   They made their own salad dressing and they brought home made rolls and bran muffins to your table when you sat down.

Now we all know that Jiffy has ruined me for just about every other muffin out there, but these bran muffins were wonderful.   The boy loved them too, so when the restaurant was sold, he experimented with several recipes till he got a very, very, very close replica.   Then he took the recipe with him when he moved.

four grains

Today’s TWD Great Grains Muffins reminds me of a mix between a Jiffy corn muffin and those bran muffins.

in tin

They have a fluffy texture, and the slight grit from the corn meal and the oatmeal lends a “bran” feel to it.

You all know how I  feel about fruit in my food.   I didn’t add any.


I almost added some chocolate chips, but I didn’t think they would go well with corn meal.   Then I thought about pecans, but then I was just blah about that too.


I’m so glad I didn’t add anything.


The best way to eat a muffin is fresh out of the oven with lots of butter.

Thanks Christine.   I loved these muffins.