January 13

Hey there Internet!

I have no idea how my job is going to affect my blogging, but I’m gonna try and not let it.

Today because I’m already at my job working, I’m gonna ask a nosy question…

or two.

1.  What did you want to be when you grew up?

2.  What do you think I wanted to be when I grew up?

January 12



Good morning.

I overslept.   By about 2 hours.

It felt so good, but now I’m late.

I hate being late.

Wanna see our new car?

new car

This is the only picture I have of it.


The snow…it was coming down and I wasn’t about to go out and tromp through it to get more pictures.


I know….I’m just an awful blogger.


Guess what!?!?!?!


I got a job yesterday.




The woman who has not held a job in over 18 years.


The woman who really has no job skills.


The woman who wasn’t even looking for a job.


My girl…the one who has been looking for a job for weeks and weeks and weeks….nothing.


I start tomorrow.


Yay me…..I think.

January 11

eggs and sugar

It is Tuesday again peeps! and today I have made for you Fluff Filled Chocolate Madeleines mini-muffins.

flour and eggs

I had to finish them up this morning.

Even though I began making them yesterday morning…mixing and folding and refrigerating for 3 hours.

It was just as the 3 hour point was up that Superman came home and whisked us off to the car dealership to try and extend our rental because our loan paperwork isn’t finished yet.

Red tape blah de blah de blah…

We then spent the next 2 hours at the dealership doing paper work with a huge side of waiting.


The time spent at the dealership was profitable though.

peanutbutter gnache

I was able to wheel and deal for a 2003 Saturn Ion that only has 27,000 miles on it.

gnache on top

And I got it for $2,000 under book value.

I’ll post pictures tomorrow because right now, I’m to busy eating the leftover peanut butter ganache with a spoon.

If you’d like to make some fluff filled chocolate madeleines, then go check out Margo’s blog.   She has the recipe.

January 10

Good Monday morning Internets!

Another cold day here in Pothole.

Another nosy Monday.

I want to know…

1. When dining out, do you usually save room for dessert?
2. How do you feel about saving places in line or saving seats in theaters?
3. What’s one thing you did to save money this past year?
4. Besides money, what’s something you’re saving for later?
5. In what way did you recently save the best for last?


1. I generally don’t save room for dessert because restaurant desserts are rarely home made, and I can make a much better dessert at home.

2. I don’t mind saving places or seats. I’d want someone to do that for me.

3. Wow…what didn’t I do to save $$? Right now we are using hurricane lamps at night to save electricity.

4. I have some good chocolate that I’m saving for later.

5. I always save the best bite for last.

What about you?

January 9

Today I am thankful.

I am thankful for…

♥ Family. I had so much fun yesterday with my cousins and their children. So! much! fun! Kids say the funniest things.

♥ Thomas (my cousin’s husband) fixing my windshield wiper

♥ Good tires to drive home on nasty roads.

♥ Cheddar cheese Pringles.

January 7

In 1983, when I was 13, our family moved from Ohio to Houston, Texas so my dad could go to Gulf Coast Bible College.

1983/84 was a very tumultuous time for me, but it had one bright spot.
1-7-2011 9;01;23 AM

It was the year that I met my first true friend,Karen Hammack. She is in the red.

Karen lived 2 blocks from us and she was the best.

We spent all kinds of time together.

She introduced me to horror films specifically “Children of the Corn”, and to this day I can not hear the name Malachi without shuddering.

She introduced me to Huey Lewis and the News, staying up late, cutting up in church and deep tissue massages.


One day when I was over at her house, her dad was sauteing some mushrooms in butter.   I mentioned that I had never had sauteed mushrooms before so they shared a wee tasty.

Oh…how wonderful they were.   Butter + mushrooms = love at first bite.


I was so happy to see today’s FFwD’s pick of Paris Mushroom Soup.

The French are brilliant. They can take a handful of ingredients and make something that you want to eat till you burst.

This soup is no exception.

Mushrooms, butter, onion, garlic and chicken broth.

That is all I used in mine and I had 2 mugs full.

It calls for white wine but I don’t have any so I just used extra butter, because if a little is good more has to be better especially when we are talking about butter.

You are also supposed to make a mushroom salad, but I didn’t do that either.

Why ruin a good soup with salad?

Karen Hammack, wherever you are I thank you for showing me what a true friend is, and for introducing me to sauteed mushrooms.

January 6

It seems, Internet, that I unknowingly set a president.

One that I didn’t fulfill yesterday and for that I am so very sorry.

You see, the Mother got on my blog yesterday expecting to see all manner of pictures of herself from baby to now, and I failed her.

And the girl would say “Epic Fail, Mom!” and then roll her eyes.

For some reason the eye roll seems to carry weight.

I could be a snot and scan all manner of pictures I have of the Mother that she would not appreciate being viewed…he he he…but I’ll save that for next year.


I other news, if you follow me on Facebook this will be old news…just skip ahead, the motor in Superman’s car has blown up.

It blew up on the same day someone broke into it.

Now we are once again looking for a new car.

This will be the 4th vehicle that we have purchased in about the last 12 months.

I am very tired of shopping for vehicles, however…I am a pro!

Look out used car salesmen, I will get the best price!