January 31

When I was 9, my Aunt Sandy gave me the complete set of Little House on the Prairie books. I think I read them all in the next 4 days.

Then when the television series came out, I watched every. single. episode.


I heart Little House on the Prairie.

Remember the television episode where Nellie invited Almonzo to have dinner and was making his favorite dish…Cinnamon Chicken.

ready to mix

Nellie asks Laura to borrow some cinnamon and Laura in the height of jealousy rips off the cover to cayenne pepper and gives her the cayenne instead of cinnamon.

phillo is fragile

Show of hands, who was cheering Laura on even though she was being naughty???

Well, this is what immediately came to mind when I saw the recipe for this past FFwD.

Chicken B’stilla is a Moroccan dish where the chicken is marinated in cinnamon, saffron, and some other spices. Then before it is baked, it is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.


All I have to say is Morocco…when I visit you I will be eating at McDonalds.


PS.  I still have that set of books.  They are ratty, the covers are coming off, but I still cherish them…and so does my girl.   She still reads them.

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11 thoughts on “January 31”

  1. LOL on the McDonalds in Morocco…at least you know what you like when you like it. I have those Little House on the Prairie books as well and I was hoping to have a girl to share them with, but I have boys, and you know what…they enjoyed them when they were younger as well. Of course, they always played PA but I was just happy that they liked the books, too. PA used to do quite a few things around here…I miss him. Oh, your b’stilla looks wonderful…send it over as I will have no trouble getting anyone to eat it until there is nary a trace of it.

  2. Funny! Maybe you should have gotten some attitude and just done the cayenne pepper thing, too. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon, we ate at a very authentic Moroccan restaurant. I most definitely didn’t heart it.

  3. PS–I wanted to share our favorite wintertime recipe with you. The world’s BEST hot chocolate. Ever!!!!

    1 can condensed milk
    3 tablespoons cocoa powder
    4 or 5 cups of milk

    Gently heat, then add 1 teaspoon vanilla.

  4. I have the exact same set of books! I bought them with my birthday money when I was nine or ten. I read them to my children on the long drive home to Iowa to see the Grands in the mid eighties. Now they are on the dresser waiting to be read to my Grandson who is eight months old. They are tattered and loved. Precious memories.

  5. I think my husband would be with you at the McDonald’s. I loved the Little House on the Prairie books too. My 8 year old daughter is reading them for I think the 3rd time now. She loves them so much. I can’t wait for my youngest daughter to read them.

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