January 23

January my friend, you are rushing so quickly by.


Please take the snow and the cold with you.


Today I am thankful for ….


♥  Family.   I had such a great time with the parents and Aunt Sandy yesterday.   I didn’t want to leave.


♥  Friends.


♥  A paycheck

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2 thoughts on “January 23”

  1. January is rushing by. I do hope it takes the snow away also.

    I would be thankful to spend time with your parents and Sandy too. I miss not seeing or being with them. As soon as I get new tires we’ll be up there.

    I am thankful for a husband and son who can fend for themselves while I was sick the past couple days. They did good.

    I would like to be thankful for my paycheck,but school was closed Friday and we couldn’t get it. Well, there is tomorrow.(if the weather doesn’t get bad again)

  2. Today I am thankful for above 0 temperatures! (that would be in Celsius). The snow is melting and sticky, perfect for snowballs and sledding.
    I am thankful for my father-in-law and his tractor because he comes over to clear my driveway when it snows and snows and snows. I am also thankful for the big hills of snow that he pushes up that the kids can finally play on this weekend after the horrid cold weather of the last week and a half.

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