January 16

I am thankful.

And I want to share.

I am thankful for…

♥  Comfy clothes

♥  Orange porch neighbor man who all last week snow blew my driveway and sidewalk

♥  My girl~~the shoe queen~~ who went shoe shopping with me.   I hate shoes.   I love to be barefooted, and she helped pick out a lovely and more importantly comfortable pair of shoes to wear to work.

♥  Fruit Loops

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2 thoughts on “January 16”

  1. I am thankful for comfy clothes too. Jammies especially.

    I too have a wonderful neighbor(minus the orange porch) who keeps our porch and sidewalk clear. (he gets rewarded with peanut butter fudge)

    I gave up cute shoes years ago in able to be able to stand up and walk without falling.

    I am also thankful for a new muffin that my son introduced me to. Cranberry Orange. Never had them. They are yummy.

    Have a great day.

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