January 9

Today I am thankful.

I am thankful for…

♥ Family. I had so much fun yesterday with my cousins and their children. So! much! fun! Kids say the funniest things.

♥ Thomas (my cousin’s husband) fixing my windshield wiper

♥ Good tires to drive home on nasty roads.

♥ Cheddar cheese Pringles.

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6 thoughts on “January 9”

  1. I am glad you had a good time with them. I hardly ever get to see them. I wish I had good tires to drive on nasty roads,then I would be able to see you all more. One of these days.

    I am thankful today for my warm bed. Did you know it is 2 degrees out there?

    I am thankful also for a new twist on my bread recipe. Yummo. One was garlic and the other was cheese. Went over real well with the guys.

  2. Don’t you think that we should do the fun things more often? Cheddar cheese Pringles is something I’ve never tried…I can remedy that today!

  3. I am thankful for the last week of warmer weather.
    *for the 4×4 truck I didn’t really want to buy
    *for my husband being home in the evenings for the last 2 weeks

  4. Ah, sweet time spent with family. Nice.

    I am thankful for the new mattress which will be delivered on Wednesday!

    AND my Studio in the basement.

    But mostly for my thoughtful daughter for making a special sign for my Amarillo Estudio.

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