January 4

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As far back as I can remember, I have been one to try to find the most efficient way to do things.

If I can find a quicker, more gas efficient route to drive, that is the route I take.
dark cocoa

If I can find a way to take less steps to get somewhere I’ll go that particular way.


If I can find an easier way to make something I will.


And that is exactly what I do with a good bit of Dorie’s recipes.

Today’s was no exception.

Dorie loves to heat her chocolate up over a double boiler. I find that you can accomplish the same task by nuking it for 1 minute on high, stir, 30 more seconds…stir and voila…melted, non-burnt, non-separated chocolate.

Today’s recipe says to divide the dough in half, refrigerate, scoop, roll into balls, and bake.

The ladies, however, were having problems because the dough became brick like rather quickly.


I scooped them out first, refrigerated them and then baked them.

I didn’t even bother to roll them into wee balls.


And as you can see, they look just like they are supposed to.

It has been 3 years since the ladies and gentlemen at TWD have been doing their “thing”.

I have been doing it for 2+.

For the anniversary post, Laurie picked today’s recipe.  Midnight Crackles.   You’ll find it at our TWD blog.

Thank you Laurie for starting this.   I have met so many wonderful people though this fabulous blog, and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

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29 thoughts on “January 4”

  1. I love cutting corners, too! How much of that black cocoa did you use? Hershey’s Special Dark is a lot like that. Good stuff, but a little goes a long way.
    I do love cookies.

  2. I am totally the same way about efficiency! Makes me crazy when I don’t know the best route to drive somewhere and my husband just laughs. Your cookies look perfect with your shortcut, im writing it in my book!

  3. Love your shortcuts! I’m a total believer of melting chocolate in the microwave, and the idea of scooping before refrigerating is brilliant.

  4. I am so with you on nuking chocolate. I haven’t melted in a pan in I don’t know how long. My favorite recipes involving melted chocolate are ones in which you can make the whole shebang in a one-quart Pyrex measuring cup. I’d love to try that black cocoa – your cookies look so rich and decadent.

  5. We will still be friends, right…I always do everything the way Dorie says to do as I am not confident enough to take short cuts! I bow to your excellence in figuring all that out. Your cookies look exactly the same! Happy New Year in case I haven’t told you already…many blessings for you and yours in 2011!

  6. Nuking is the best way to melt chocolate and butter. I refuse to use a double boiler or heaven forbid “temper” something. Tempering might lead to a tantrum. Muahaha.

    Your cookies look fabulous!

  7. I nuke everything I can. I make pudding type pies in the microwave – never boil on the stove. They never burn and it takes so little time. Love your ideas.

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