January 3

It is Monday Internets!




I’m nosy.


Do you have a vent hood or a microwave above your stove?


We have a microwave and last night I was fumbling around in the dark looking for the light button on it, when my hand came in contact with the underneath of the microwave.




My hand came back a sticky greasy mess.   It hasn’t been cleaned since last summer.




So, my question for you is how often do you clean your vent hood/underneath of your microwave?


Obviously my answer is once a year.

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12 thoughts on “January 3”

  1. I have a vent hood and it gets cleaned when I notice that it needs cleaned…(I’m not an overly observant person). 🙂

  2. Microwave and did the same thing (touching greasy filter) a couple months ago – so a good long soaking, for the filter and my hand was in order. So clean it probably every time I notice how discusting it is.

  3. Dude, you are supposed to clean under there??? J/K. I have a vent, and it gets cleaned twice a year. If it’s lucky. Because, I am also not a very observant person. LOL

  4. Vent hood and the answer to your question is seasonally. I hate cleaning it and am sometimes tempted to dismantle it and have it sandblasted.

  5. I have a vent hood, but it’s not much more effective than my old microwave one. I suppose I’ll clean it when it gets really blech. We lived in our last house for four years and I think I cleaned it when we moved out (it wasn’t that dirty, shockingly).

  6. I have a Jenn Air down draft, so I clean the down drafts about twice a year and they stay fairly clean which might be an indication that we use our outdoor grill from April through November a little too much. It must work as I checked the underside of the cabinets above the stove top after I read your post and there is no build-up there at all. Interesting to note this issue as I had never given it much thought.

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