December 31

The eve of the new year.

When I reflect back over the last 12 months I conclude that I am so very, very, very, very, very glad that this year is over.


This has been one very awful year.


To celebrate I’m getting all liquored up cooking Beef Daube with FFwD.

Beef daube means beef cooked in wine.
And you throw in some onion, garlic, carrots, and parsnips.

Pothole doesn’t know what a parsnip is either…well, I could be wrong because I didn’t look to hard.

Because parsnips??? ewwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I bet my Grandma Teal loved parsnips.

You cook this wonderfulness covered for hours, and the wine tenderizes your tough cut of beef.

final product
Because it is baked for so very long the alcohol is all cooked out and you are left with a very flavorful stew like dish that you can serve with rice, or mashed potatoes, or noodles, or you can do what I did and just scoop it into a bowl and eat.

This is a poor mans dish, but it tastes like it should be served in a 4 star restaurant.


Happy New Year everyone.

May next year be better for us all.

Amen and amen!



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20 thoughts on “December 31”

  1. Looks yummy. I too pray for a better New Year. Full of health,happiness, and harmony. A good job for Jarrod wouldn’t hurt any either. Love you and wish you the best.

  2. Happy New Year to you and yours as well. This looks like a fine way to usher in a new, and better, year! I’m not all that unhappy to see 2010 leave either if truth be known…here’s to 2011 and drunken stew!

  3. Ohh the Beef Daube..that was a good one…I am going to use the wine and other flavorings for a pot roast the next time….
    Have a safe weekend everyone..

  4. Fabulous post! Loved it!!
    I’m with you on this new year thing – I’m ready to move on.
    Hope your next year is amazing! I think you’ve made a great start! Wonderful!!

  5. That looks very good. I’ll have to write out that recipe and make it here soon for my family.

    Here’s too a blessed 2011 for all of us.

    “God bless us, everyone!”

  6. I popped in from Vee’s Friends List. I am sorry to hear that 2010 was unkind to you. It seems to be a theme….so bring on 2011 we are ready!!!

    Your beef roast looks fabulous!
    I love to let mine bake until it is just that tender!

    Here’s to a better year in 2011!

  7. After seeing your Beef Daube, and Katrina’s I’m going to have to try this. I have the book, and while I’m not doing FFWD, everything I’ve made from the book has been GREAT!

  8. You had me at that picture of bacon. I can’t wait to try this, once my liver recovers from last night’s meal of lamb chops and creme brulee. Happy New Year – it has to be better than 2010, right? Didn’t 2010 basically stink for everyone? We can only hope 2011 will be better!

  9. Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is a prosperous year for you and yours.

    There is nothing like a good meal to make it a little easier to bear, right?

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