December 28

Hello Tuesday’s with Dorie.

Guess what?

I have a post.

I got up at 4am to make my TWD, but I pinky swore and my word is my bond.


Today we were allowed to choose a rewind recipe.   That means we can do a recipe that has already been chosen.   It might be one that we want to eat again and again or one that we might have missed.

Mine is one that I missed.

Snickery Squares.

They are so delicious.   Only they taste like a Twix with nuts…so we could call them a Snix or a Twickers.  Irregardless they are fabulous!


Whoever coined the phrase “Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what girls are made of” hit the nail on the head.

See, women sugar is sweet and tastes great…but…

If you are not observant, attentive or patient, sugar will turn. on. you. in a heart beat.


caramelized peanuts

It can go from deliciously smooth and rich to burnt and bitter in a matter of seconds, and I have heard that a woman can too.

Not that I know anything about that at. all.

Dad, stop shaking your head.


So the moral of the story is don’t let your women sugar go unattended for any amount of time.


Not even to go to the bathroom.


Just sayin’.



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15 thoughts on “December 28”

  1. You had me at caramelization. How could I have missed this recipe?
    Your photos are gorgeous, as always. You should think about linking with Facebook so I can share you with my friends.

  2. This is the recipe that drew me to TWD and the first recipe in which I killed a household appliance. Your pictures are gorgeous! 🙂 Glad these turned out so well!

  3. Made these for Nov rewind and they were a huge hit. My caramel never did harden up the way it should have, but were sooooo good.

    Love the analogy!! Not that I, either, would know about that…..

  4. wow, those are really great photos. I haven’t made anything yet, still trying to decide if I am going to as it is Wednesday and we are sort of dessert-ed out here at the moment. On to a new year!

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