December 26

I am thankful.


Very thankful.


I’m thankful for


♥  Family to enjoy Christmas with.   I got a card in the mail from a woman that I have know for years, and she told me that her husband had passed away on Thanksgiving.  Tango, I am so very sorry for your loss.  So many losses this year…it is heartbreaking.


♥  Gifties.   I heart my gifties.


♥  New cereal bowls to eat my rice crispies in.



How about you?

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One thought on “December 26”

  1. I am thankful that we got to share Christmas dinner with one of my sisters and her wonderful hubby. My other sister was in No.Carolina, enjoying grandchildren.(but I did get to talk to her) Time went so fast. Just like life. Enjoy every minute of it. Hope everyone had a blessed day.

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