December 23

I think I have told you before how when Sister and I were little, in the wintertime the Mother would send us outside ahead of the Dad before he would run to the grocery so we could “sneak attack” him with snowballs.

Little did we know that it wasn’t a “sneak attack” at all.

Dad knew.

sneak attack


sneak attack 2

I have never warned Superman.

don't gloat

Why ruin a good sneak attack?

superman retreating


superman has a plan


getting her licks in

I fear though that I have failed in a few areas of the “sneak attack” lessons.

oh no
1. You don’t bring a knife silly string to a gun snowball fight, and

dont bring string to a snow ball fight

2. Retreating is smart.

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5 thoughts on “December 23”

  1. I think I need to teach my children about sneak attacks on fathers. I bet that would get them out the door quickly. I’m not sure the 4 of them could be very sneaky though, I bet there’d be a lot of giggling heading out the door.

  2. Ok, seriously, in the first picture it looks like she is throwing the garbage can at him. I thought oh my goodness, what is happening here??? Then I kept reading and my eyes adjusted. LOL

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