December 22

Every year when Superman and the chips/chip go to pick out the Christmas tree, I beg…beg…beg them to please, please, please pick out a smaller tree.


ginormous tree

And every year they come home with a ginormous monstrosity.

This year was no exception.

Superman ended up cutting off almost 3 feet of trunk just so it would fit.




I want a smaller tree for several reason.

1. We don’t have enough ornaments for a huge tree.

2. Our house is small, and therefore there isn’t. room. for. a. huge. tree.

party animals

3. It is exhausting work decorating such a large tree.


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7 thoughts on “December 22”

      1. ummm, my mom and I have for yeeaarrrrsss. And we enjoy it ! Just this year we didn’t have room for a huge native pine off our hill. Maybe next year though mama and I will be back out there with Dean or my Dad’s saw hacking away at a tree 🙂

  1. That is a gorgeous tree, and I love the amount of ornaments you have on it…it lets the lovely tree branches and lights really shine, which is my favorite part. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

  2. That’s why I always make sure to help 🙂 We have a tiny, tiny living room, and 4 kids. We also didn’t have many decorations until the last couple of years when I got smart and bought a bunch in the week after Christmas when they were marked down by about 50%. This year I actually had decorations left over!

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